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View Beautiful Garcia Mitchell 330 Otomatic Reel Compliments Chuck Tanczuk Click to View Mitchell 330 Otomatic Reel

So many of my visitors are inquiring about much needed replacement parts to repair their cherished old reels. I do not have parts, so I refer people to Joe. He's come up with many of the old parts I've needed for repairs. Use the links below to contact Joe. With Joe's help, you can get that vintage gem purring like a kitten once again.

 Joe's Mitchell Parts - Specializing in New Garcia Mitchell spinning reel parts prior to 1990

Click Picture to E-mail Joe  Click Here to E-mail Joe Joe's Still Got the Ancient Parts You've been Fishing For

Joe is a Great Guy, a Pleasure & Honor to deal with. Tell him that AnglerBob sent you.

Perhaps the Largest Vintage Parts Retailer in the U.S.: http://www.mitchellparts.com/

For Quality Bait & Tackle
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Beware of Heritage Warranty Insurance for Auto Extended Warranty Coverage

How I believe NYC Parking Violations Bureau Parking Enforcement Agents Cheat Us to Meet Quotas

2007 TMR Catches

2001 Lake George Pictures

See AnglerBob Take the Plunge

For More Fantastic Reel Parts, etc. Visit The Fisherman's eBay Store. Click the Hat Below:

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Click this link to access many Garcia Mitchell Schematics PDFs
Here are the pictures of several of the more popular Fresh & Salt Water Reels put out by Garcia Mitchell. The 302 & 303 models are the "Right" & "Left" Handed Salt Water Reels. The hand holding the pole designates the hand usage. A "Righty" cranks the reel with the left hand, and conversely, the "Lefty" cranks the reel with the right hand. Think of Baseball. A "Righty" throws (casts) with his right hand, and catches (cranks) with his left. Garcia Mitchell designated even numbers for "Righties", and odd numbers for "Lefties."

Garcia Mitchell 302 Salt Water ("Righty")

Garcia Mitchell 303 Salt Water ("Lefty")

Click to View 302 Schematic View Garcia Mitchell 302 Spool Washer Assembly

Click to View 302/402 Washer Assembly

Garcia Mitchell 302 "Salt" Manual Bail

Garcia Mitchell 330 "Fresh" Auto Bail

Click Picture to View Schematic of 330

Click to View 330 Schematic

Mitchell 306


Below is Mitchell 406 (Blue, High Speed Version of 306 Above)

304 C.A.P. (Carpano And Pons)

Fresh-Water Half-Bail Reel

304 CAP "Fresh" with Label

Click for 304 Parts Diagram

Click for 304 Parts Diagram

Click for 304 Parts Diagram

Model 300 Fresh Water Model 402 Salt High Speed
Click to View Parts List

300-301 Parts List    300C Description (from Mitchell)

View 402/403 Schematic

 Click to View 386 Parts Schematic 

Garcia Mitchell 386

Salt Water Spinning Reel

386 Series is Larger Than 302 Series Reels

Click 386 Picture to View Parts Schematic

Click for 308 Parts Diagram

Garcia Mitchell 308 Ultra Light

Fresh Water Spinning Reel

(Click 308 picture for Parts Diagram)


Rare Garcia Mitchell Model 510 (4 Pictures)

View Clean  Garcia Mitchell 510 View Clean Garcia Mitchell 510

View 510 Ad View 510 Ad

Specially fitted poles for the 508/510/524

View List of Split-Seat Poles


  View List of Split-Seat Poles

  View List of Split-Seat Poles

Garcia Mitchell 204. Small Fresh Water Reel.

Comparable in size to the 308 model

Similar in design to the 320 series

View 204 Schematic

204 Schematic

Garcia Mitchell 408DL

(Gold Parts & Gold Plate for Name Engraving)

Jim's Photo Gallery

Click Picture to View

Jim's 300DL Photos  + More

Mitchell 206S Made in France
Garcia Mitchell 900

Garcia Mitchell 306

Intermediate Size Fishing Reel 

Sized between 300 and Salt Water 302

Click Picture for 306 Specs

Garcia Mitchell 300 Tournament Caster Reel Made in France specifically for long distance casting. According to Dennis Robert's book Mitchell Collector's Reference Guide P. 63, considered super rare!! Made in 1971 comes with adjustable MP lever & guide, & Single Stage Conic Tournament Spool.

There is a slight difference between this reel and the one listed on Page 63. This reel has a shorter cone but does have the dual MP, which makes this super Rare. The reel was specifically designed for the professional cast.

Info & Pictures Courtesy Nic - Thanks

View the Spectacular Mitchell Tournament "Wedding Cake" Reel

Click the Picture

Garcia Mitchell 1060 Bait-Casting Reel 

Mitchell 710 Automatic Fly Reel

Click Picture to view Schematic

 Click to View Schematic Garcia Mitchell 752-756 Schematics


Click Picture to View Mitchell Fly Reel Schematics (pdf)

Witness Pictures of Ancient Garcia Spool Re-winder Garcia Spool Rewinder

This Picture Links to Ads from Yester-Year

Probably from 1950's and Thereafter



Garcia Mitchell Spool Capacities 

Some Help Folks, Let's Fill in the Chart

Click the Picture

On Friday 6/27/03 AnglerZack & AnglerBob  went in search of Porgies. We boarded the North Star out of City Island, Bronx, NY. The LI. Sound was calm, the Skies were blue, and Sun was Bright and Very Hot. The boat was packed shoulder to shoulder, not a pole holder left unfilled. The fees were $37.00 for adults, and a very steep $30 for children (including a large fish pool). This is the highest rate I have seen to date charged for children in any New York/New Jersey inshore waters. We left dock at 7:40 A.M. The boat was slow, and it took almost 3 hours to reach the targeted fishing grounds of Smithtown Bay on Long Island's North Shore. A couple of other Party Boats passed us by on the way out, and passed us again on the way in.  Without my binoculars, I could not see which boats those were. As for the fishing, we used a Garcia Mitchell Model 300, and a Ru-Mer 50 1/2 Bail to great success. The boat provided clam bate for free, and charged $5.00 for a dozen Sand Worms. Zack out fished me about 2 to 1, using the worms, while I stuck with the clams. We wound up with about 40 keeper Porgies after cutting loose a bunch of shorts. The mates charged $15 to $20 to scale & gut each bucket of fish, and tried for $25 to $30 for filleting. This is the highest I have ever seen mates charge for this service, given similar conditions. We did get a full day out of it, the boat docked at about 5:00 P.M. The crew did work hard with tangles and other situations that would have caused loss of fishing time. All in all, despite the expense, the day was a fishing success. 

Here is a link to USA fishing Reports

I will contact the "Explorer to see if this offer applies in 2005

For a fun day of fishing for both the Family & Serious Sport Fisherman alike, contact the "Explorer"

Tell them AnglerBob sent you.

For a fun day of fishing for both the Family & Serious Sport Fisherman alike, contact the "Navigator".

Take $2.00 off Adult Fare by saying "AnglerBob sent me."   Click the Card


Fishy Pictures (Click Picture for Tour) from Year 2000, & 2001 Trips


Pictures, Information, and Stories are Welcome. I will post what I can.



Disclaimer Information This site claims no affiliation with the now extinct Garcia Mitchell Company, or the descendant  AbuGarcia ®, Berkley®, Fenwick®, Johnson™, Mitchell®, Red Wolf™ and Spider Gear™ - (Pure Fishing) equipment still being manufactured today. It is designed solely for the pleasure of users and collectors of the classic fishing reels and other equipment manufactured years ago. 

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