NYC Parking Violations Bureau Quotas Are Easily Met; And We Pay Parking Tickets

     It is my opinion that some of NYC Parking Enforcements Agents take advantage of the motoring public by issuing parking violations tickets for Muni-meter receipt violations that are unfounded. I personally witnessed this, and after giving it much thought, I have determined how some agents justify their dubious actions.

     When a motorist parks in an area governed by a Muni-meter, the motorist must purchase parking time at a Muni-meter machine that produces a printed receipt. The receipt must be displayed on the vehicle’s dash-board. As long as the time period displayed on the ticket does not expire, Parking Violations Agents are not supposed to issue tickets. Here’s how the game works, and this is what I witnessed. NYC Parking Enforcement Agent T. Singleton walked up to my vehicle in front of 1015 Morris Park Avenue in Bronx, NY, and without even looking for a Muni-meter receipt, began to issue a parking summons. The agent justifies this by knowing that if the motorist pleads Not Guilty and mails in a copy of the receipt, the motorist will be found not guilty and will not have to pay the fine. Quotas can be easily and quickly met, with no harm done.

     This practice is immoral and unjustified. The agents can quickly meet quotas guilt free, but the innocent motorist is forced to prove innocence using his or her own time, effort, and expense, and must go through the legal process when he or she should not have to. However, this situation can, and for me, did get a lot worse.

     I was unfortunate enough to catch Agent T. Singleton red-handed performing this practice. She walked up to my vehicle, looked at the Registration Sticker and began writing. She never bothered to look for a Muni-Meter receipt.  I asked her why the ticket was being issued. She responded that I had to display a Muni-meter receipt on my dash-board.  When I pointed out that the receipt was in clear view, the agent’s response was that I could contest the ticket by pleading not guilty. I then told the agent that she was wrong for issuing a ticket without even looking for a receipt. This annoyed the agent, and she knew just how to get even and cost me money. Instead of writing that there was no receipt, she indicated on the ticket that the receipt was face down on the dashboard. Now, even with a copy of the receipt, there was no way I could prove my innocence. It was my word against hers. She knew very well she was wrong, but enjoyed doing what she did, knowing full well that the system would back her, not me. Even though I reported the agent and her dubious work practices to authorities via 311, and mailed in my defense including the Muni-meter receipt, the system (ALJudge Vincent J. Andreassi) found me guilty, as T. Singleton knew it would. I have mailed in my appeal, but to do so, I first had to pay the $35 fine. I am certain that my appeal will fail, and the NYC Parking Violations Bureau will keep my money. For Agent T. Singleton, and other agents that cut corners doing their jobs, there is no accountability in this system, and she goes about her business as usual. The NYC Parking Violations Bureau supports this practice because not to would lose revenue. So beware! Do not dare contest their unscrupulous work ethics. If you do, as I have, you will pay. They know better than us how to manipulate the system.

Update! My Appeal Has Been Rejected.

I have been found guilty. The NYC Parking Violations Bureau has kept my money.

Shame on NYC Parking Violations Bureau Agent T. Singleton! Shame on Judge Vincent J Andreassi! Shame on the NYC Parking Violations Bureau for closing its eyes or worse yet, endorsing such practice for the sake of tainted dollars.



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