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The most common questions I receive concern Parts/Servicing of Garcia Mitchell reels. 
I will, therefore, post the most common questions. I welcome your input, and will also post appropriate answers. I hope this page will develop into a useful tool for all you Garcia Mitchell reel owners.
It is up to you, however, to determine the validity\accuracy of the answers I receive and post. 
I am posting links & advertisements to registered businesses that service these old gems.
I am neither to be held liable for any issues of dissatisfaction resulting from information I post, nor dealings between these businesses, and those who choose to patronize them.
I will try to post the feedback I receive, in an effort to identify anyone or business that compromises the quality of the service I am trying to provide to you. I will also try to keep you informed of those individuals or businesses that are, as I am, trying to make your Garcia Mitchell fishing lives a happier one.

I am sorry, but I do not have much in the way of spare parts. I am a collector of reels, and neither commercially service them, nor manufacture or provide parts. However, as you may be now, I have struggled to both get reels repaired, and to obtain parts. Here is a link to Mitchell. Once there, follow the links to Service Info, then Service Centers.  Many of the service shops listed have old parts, or comparable new parts to fix the old Mitchell reels. If that doesn't work, here is a link to Abu-Garcia, try them, too. Both are subs of Purefishing Corp. On the bottom of this page there are links to a couple of shops I have had success with.

Garcia Mitchell 754 Fly Reel ===>

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1)   Who still Services Garcia Mitchell reels? See vendors listed below
2)  Frank is looking for a copy of the schematic for a 782.  The brake doesn't seem to be working properly. Try Vendors listed below, or find list of Mitchell service vendors. Link to Mitchell is at bottom of home page.---> Can anyone else help?
3)  Is it possible for you to forward photos of the "guts" of the Garcia Mitchell 300 reel? A web page that would have this type of information, please?

Garcia Mitchell 300-301 Parts List

4)  Any parts (spools, etc) available for Garcia Mitchell 204/304 models? Are 204/304 spools interchangeable?

  Joe's Reel Parts Click Here to Visit Joe

5) I am looking for a 302/402
"Manual-Bail Reel" or parts to convert to "Manual-Bail"

Anyone? Contact  AnglerBob

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For Mitchell parts\service, try these helpful folks

Tell Them: AnglerBob sent you.

Joe's Reel Parts Click Here to Visit Joe

I have had great experiences in my dealings with Joe. He is extremely knowledgeable, and even more reputable. He specializes in Pre-1981 Garcia Mitchell reels. Tell him Angler Bob says hello.

Glenn's Reel & Rod Repair
2210 E. 9th St.
Des Moines, IA 50316
515-262-2990 phone & fax

Ask for Mark. Like a Fly Rod landing a Sailfish, he'll bend over backwards to land your part.


Paul's Bait & Tackle

4421 Chippewa Street

ST LOUIS, MO 63116-1608

Phone: 314-773-6221

Fax: 314-664-1422